Treasured Memories Community Funding Offers Local, Caring Service

These days we have everything at our finger tips.  It is more and more common for people to use a credit or debit card for purchases rather than cash or checks.  We are just a click away from learning, purchasing and/ or donating.  We have gotten away from the days when you mail a check to the local charity to honor and memorialize someone special.  

Like all businesses today, funeral services have changed dramatically due to the Internet. Today’s families not only need the personal care of a compassionate funeral director, they need a digital-savvy director who has innovative answers to their funding and social media questions.

For decades, families have chosen a charitable organization for friends and family to make contributions “in lieu of flowers”.  It has also been common for those in need to seek assistance from friends and family to help offset final arrangement costs.  Treasured Memories® Community Funding links those in need with those willing to give through a user-friendly funding website.  It is now helping users everywhere to raise money for their urgent needs, community causes and burial costs.

“This is the next step we can take as funeral professionals to serve families, charities and our community today. The Treasured Memories® marketing team researched and launched the website to provide a solution to requests from funeral directors and families for their funding needs,” said James E. Altmeyer, President.

Treasured Memories® has been in business in the Ohio Valley since 1988 providing supplier benefits and consulting services to independent funeral homes. Treasured Memories® Community Funding (TMCF) is a crowd funding website. It provides a place where people can come together to quickly and easily raise money for a worthy cause.  TMCF was initially founded with the goal of helping families gather the resources to afford the final expenses of their loved ones. However, we recognize that people have financial needs for a variety of reasons. Therefore, we have set up our website so that anyone experiencing a financial need can reach out to family, friends and community members for help.  “We have found that people have financial needs for a variety of reasons and has expanded into a website for anyone experiencing a financial need,” Altmeyer added.  It is a safe way to reach out to family, friends and community members for help. It provides links to the user’s personal fundraising page from major social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and more, in order to spread the word and get great results.

Treasured Memories® Community Funding gives people a chance to honor the life and memory of a loved one in a very special way by offering an easy, safe means to contribute to worthy causes, such as hospices, hospitals, schools, churches, medical research foundations and more.  In addition to supporting the families we serve; Treasured Memories® Community Funding offers an opportunity for charitable organizations to establish an online campaign to raise much needed funds.  Whether it is for a specific project, or it is to build funds for various needs in the community, Treasured Memories® Community Funding can help reach donors near and far.

Altmeyer Funeral Homes is committed to superior funeral service and being valuable members of our communities.  We are proud to offer Treasured Memories® Community funding to our community and support families and organizations in every way we can.  The family of Rose Flatley requested that memorial contributions in her memory go to Valley HospiceWhile some chose to make traditional donations, a considerable gift was presented to Valley Hospice by the family from contributions made through the TMCF campaign found here.

As a family owned and operated business since 1917, we have a strong sense of who we are and our direction for the future.  Families who are grieving a loss continue to call upon Altmeyer Funeral Home, as they have for decades, because they know they will be treated as family.  As we have grown, that same quality of service has been extended to many communities in the Ohio Valley area as well as other communities throughout the eastern portion of the country.  TMCF is another way for us to serve our community in a meaningful way.

Serving thousands of families each year, Altmeyer Funeral Homes has stayed true to the values James P. Altmeyer instilled in the company over a century ago: quality service, honesty, and a strong work ethic.

Please contact Sarah Barickman, Outreach Director for Altmeyer Funeral Homes for additional information on Treasured Memories® Community Funding.


Sarah Barickman is an outreach director and life celebrant at Altmeyer Funeral Homes and CARE Funeral & Cremation Specialists in the Ohio Valley.  She and her husband, Mike, have lived in Wheeling for 18 years, where they have been raising their two children, Lilly & Haden.  Sarah is a collector of people, she has never met a stranger and will always strive to be of service to others.